Attractive Map Wall Art behind Modern Pantone Chairs and Metallic Dining Table

Small Kitchen Bar in Elegant Contemporary Loft

Decorating the contemporary loft in chic decoration with small kitchen bar makes the room of the loft looks elegant. The Capitol Hill Loft looks elegant with the chic decoration. This loft apartment is located in Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA. The designer of this loft is David Robertson Design. In the first picture, we can see the chic room decoration. This loft is decorated with white wall interior design. The ceiling […]

Stone and Wood Accent in Open Plan Kitchen Equipped with Compact Wood Cabinet and Granite Countertop

Patio Design Plans for Spectacular Modern Residence Exterior

The modern residence which is built in square foot design with the patio design plans can be seen in the RD House. The house designed by Vasho looks modern and also luxurious. The location of this house is in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. This house is built in two story house design located in the slanting area of mountain. The situation in this house looks comfort and also fresh. It is […]

Contemporary Grey Sofas and Glass Coffee Table in Fancy Living Room French Window

Luxurious Furniture Design for Stylish Contemporary Residence

Decorating the contemporary residence with the luxurious furniture designis very difficult to be done. If you cannotdecorate your residence in to the cool design, you can use the architect of designer service. The Duxbury House looks cool with the fantastic interior decoration. This residence which is located in the coastal town of Duxbury, Massachusetts is designed by Williams Design Studio. In the first picture, we can see the white design […]

Folding Wood Door Kitchen with Flashy Blue Kitchen Island and Padded Stools

Arch Floor Lamp in Spectacular Residence Interior Idea

The interior residence in wonderful design with the arch floor lamp is needed to create the comfortable situation. The FW House looks wonderful with the stylish interior design. This residence is designed by Studio Guilherme Torres. This residence is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The wall, ceiling, and also floor are decorated with white color. The other wall in this room is decorated with wooden material colored in dark brown. […]

Ultimate Wall TV Setup above Minimalist Sideboard Beautified with Cool Blue Jars Round Coffee Table

White Wall Paint for Splendid Apartment Interior

Choosing and designing of the interior apartment is very difficult because you must creative to design your apartment into the stylish design with white wall paint. The VD house which is designed by Guilherme Torres looks stylish with the good interior design. This apartment is located in Curitiba, Brazil. The living room of this apartment is decorated with the white wall, ceiling, and also floor. The other walls are also […]

Shape Embellished with Square Niche and Surrounded by Dried Shrubs on Spacious Backyard

Large Windows Installation for Chic Minimalist Residence Style

Building and designing the minimalist residence is not difficult like designing or building the glamour residence with large windows installation. Although the design of the residence is minimalist but the designer or architect can change the minimalist design into the modern residence. The designer of Bojaus is designed a house in minimalist design. The name of this house is Casa H. This house which is situated in a typical suburban […]

Cool Wood Grating Outdoor Wall and Small Glass Window Fresh Ornamental Plants

Windows Shutters Design for Alluring Elegant House Architecture

There are many examples of the elegant house with windows shutters design built in single storey, two storey, or the other storey house design. The house which is designed in elegant can be looked at the Far Sight House. It is one of the example houses which are built in elegant design. This house is designed by Wallflower Architecture + Design. This house is located in Bukit Timah, Singapore. This […]

Large Swimming Pool and Spacious Patio Furnished with Stylish Outdoor Furniture Glass Railing on Balcony

Simple Swimming Pool for Incredible Modern Residence Exterior

45 Faber Park is a modern living space that created by ONG&ONG Studio with the simple swimming pool. This nice modern style home design is located in nice residential area of Singapore. There are few parts of this superb modern residence design that can become such a great example of the design that use by the designer of this house. Take a look at the modern style swimming pool design […]

Minimalist Garden Including Fresh Ornamental Plants in Concrete Planter Glass Wall

Simple Leather Sofa for Modern Residence Furniture

The Waterfront Residence is a modern residence with the simple leather sofathat will show you a great example of modern house that able to blend with the nature. This stunning modern style home design is located in the beautiful area of Seattle, Washington. In the matter of architectural design, this superb modern style home design has a simple box shaped home design. This two-storey home design is also equipped with […]

Computer Desk and Relaxing Sofa Sliding Glass Door Comfort Hammock

Modern Elegant Living Room for Luxurious Modern Family House Design

House Reforma is a modern family house that created by Central de Arquitectura. This lovely family home design with modern elegant living room is located in Chapultepec, Mexico and it is the house that will show you what a luxurious family living is all about. There are so many amazing space designs that you will able to encounter in this nice home design and one of those designs is the […]